iPhone Simulator 4.2

Recreate a realistic iPhone iOS simulation on a Windows computer to try the user interface

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    Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP

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iPhone Simulator 4.2
iPhone Simulator 2014

Ever wished you had a way to test out the new Apple iPhone interface? Through the iPhone Simulator, you have an app that hands you an accurate depiction of it all. In this way, you can decide if you like the interface of it before you buy the actual iPhone. We must understand how buying a new iPhone can be a big financial decision, and you want to make sure you like what it offers before you buy it. Through the iPhone Simulator, you can try it before you buy it.

A Small Program Written with Flash

The iPhone Simulator has been written from a small program where you can virtually interact with the iPhone via your desktop. If you wanted to compare it to something, you might put it side by side with the iPad emulator, which was another one of the similar apps. You can play around with the interface and try out the default applications from it to decide if the standard of quality for the iPhone is up to par.

Excellent Graphics Quality

When we look at the graphics quality of this app, you have excellent graphics, and the app lets you test out some of the most popular features from the iPhone Simulator. For example, you can check out the clock, the notepad, the calculator and the iOS system preferences. You can also modify the wallpaper as the need arises. While the iPhone Simulator looks a lot like the iOS, you should note how this is simply a flash application, and it cannot adequately simulate the whole experience without the iOS device. What it does do, however, is it hands you access to an experience that you can learn from and decide if this is the phone that you want to buy. The new iPhone can cost upwards of $700, which is why we can't afford to buy into it without first knowing what we will be getting.

Missing Some of the Key Applications

Unfortunately, this system doesn't feature some of the key applications on it. They haven't been activated, and you won't get the full experience. One of those locked applications includes the Safari browser. You won't have access to this through the iPhone Simulator. This app has also been modeled after the third-generation iPhone, and as a result, any of the iPhones after the iPhone won't read an accurate representation.

If you've ever wondered what it feels like to the new iPhone, the iPhone Simulator gives you a handy tool that can help you to get an idea. Unfortunately, a lot of the features have been limited, and it doesn't show everything that you should know, so you will also need to do some extra research.


  • The simulation looks realistic for the most part.
  • You will enjoy excellent graphics as a result of downloading this app.


  • By default, some of the applications have automatically been disabled.

In the smart-phone market, two giants dominate most purchases: Android and Apple. For many, they either stick with one brand, finding comfort in the familiar, and never finding enough reason to venture out to the other side. Some may be apprehensive, as a smart phone running on firmware and hardware made by either company is a big investment, but now there is a chance to try before they buy--iPhone Simulator.

The iPhone Simulator is an application for PC that allows users to sample using an iPhone without having to commit to a purchase of the actual Apple device. For those who want to change from Android-based devices, or wondering if a newer model of iPhone warrants a purchase, this program takes much of the guesswork out of the equation.


A simple Flash-based program for Windows, iPhone Simulator recreates the screen of an actual iPhone to be used on a Desktop PC. This gives user full control of functions one would find in an iPhone straight out of the box, its settings, controls, all with a simulated touchscreen movement. In addition to he basic feel and function of the Apple iPhone, users can use default apps that come packaged with a new iPhone, all complete with the complimenting settings and customization options.

Though thorough in what it allows users to experience as they wonder what an iPhone would be like to use, some things are kept from users of the iPhone simulator. The mobile version of the Safari Internet browser is not available, and neither is the Apple App Store. In addition, this program is based off the iPhone 3G, meaning basic features that were released with the iPhone 4G and later are not available.


To complete the feel of this are impressive visuals that rival that of the actual iPhone. This is may seem trivial, as it isn't substantive to how the iPhone works, but how well the iPhone Simulator looks is key when testing things out like wallpaper on the home and lock screens. It especially plays a role when using simple applications like the calendar, contact list, and adding and removing widgets.

Users may be confused at first--especially if they have a history with iPhones--because the experience rivals that of an actual iPhone. Some may find it hard to believe that this is a program built on Flash and not a true simulator of iOS firmware.

For those still unsure about whether to switch to an Apple mobile device, or if it’s time to upgrade to an iPhone 3G, this is the closest they will get to testing out the real thing.


A simulation that matches a true iPhone experience

Realistic visuals

Quick installation

Small file size


Safari and the Apple App Store are not available to users

The iPhone Simulator is based off iPhone 3G, making it dated by recent Apple releases.

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